Sports are the best activity to participate in since it brings to a wide range of Importance

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People have different wants and likes in their life. Some people like music while others like other different activities. Each person has a reason why he likes that activity. Some have developed alike since they stay with people who do that activity most and other because they know the benefits that lie under the activity. I cannot explain the reason why I like Sports are the best activity to participate in since it brings to a wide range of Importance. This is because as I grow up I came to know that sports are my best like and hobby. People who like sports are not the best players or best coaches. Actually, I am not one f those. I am an average player and I rarely play. There are many reasons, which I think made me like football the way I am.

I can remember my experience. My friends had a full like in sports. We made small balls made of polyethylene papers where we were able to play. We did this because we were unable to have a full made ball from the shop. We created our own time and organized some of the tournaments where we competed with our friends. I enjoyed a lot to be a referee where other people obeyed my voice. All the time I was ready to bring the players together and play well. My friends were very happy on how I conducted my services.

Sports are the best activity to participate in since it brings to a wide range of Importance

Most of the elders in our society were very happy and they rewarded my good prizes. My mom promised to buy a modern football ball. I was very happy as a king and knew good things come as a joke. After one week, I had a ball, which I gave it to my friends. They were very happy and we played well. We organized a big team and we started competing with other teams. My passion continued to grow widely. I came across a person who was sponsoring young players. I planned an appointment to meet him and finally I succeeded to have a talk. He promised to sponsor five players from our team. As I team captain, I was very happy since my team had opened and it was growing fast as a mushroom.

I said a word of prayer to God and our team received great blessings. Those who were sponsored shined well and did their best where they attained the best. They returned with great rewards for other players and I was very happy since I received a big portion of it. Today I eat football, drink football, and enjoy all fruits because of football. That was a brief story on how I like football. There are many other reasons.

Football brings people together. It is a type of activity where people come together to discuss common things that are about football. People forget any difference which might be lying among them and focus on issues which may help them. I like togetherness and cooperation that has been brought by the football.

Different communities are able to understand other communities from abroad. This is because players are able to travel to different areas where they live with people from all corners of the world. This has created to the enrichment of culture and friendship among people of different ethnicity groups. People have come to know that we are all equal despite being of different races. It has been of great importance since people are able to know we are all created in the image and likeness of God. This leads to an evaluation of self-being and human characteristics, which are of importance.

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