Sports are the both Major Economic and Social Activity that can be carried out by Individuals

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Sports are the both Major Economic and Social Activity that can be carried out by Individuals. This article majorly defines sports as the main economic activity in the world today. This is because many people have been earning their lives from the practice of trade. There many things that someone can do in order to participate in sports and earn a living from it. This will be a major benefit to both players and other people looking for areas to invest. It is a tip, which young people especially those who looking for employment are supposed to note. Nowadays is has been a problem to look for a job. Sports are then a part which can be used to solve the problem of unemployment in most of the countries facing this problem. This writing will give the most important ways that someone can earn from sports.

Sports are the both Major Economic and Social Activity that can be carried out by Individuals

Sports are the source of self-employment. People can participate in sports by playing a major part as player’s o f a certain game. Someone can become a footballer, basket player, handball player or participate in other games. There are more than twenty games, which someone can participate in and earn a living. All these games are good and they have a good paying level. Many people are billionaires and others are rich due to the participation in sports. Taking a good example of the major big football clubs where someone is paid more than twenty million us dollars per month. This is actually a big pay as you compare with other paying sectors. This makes people come up worth their own businesses where they are able to employ other people and therefore raise the economy of a country.

People are always creative in sports. This is because in sports there are many things, which are needed. Examples are attires and other materials, which are necessary. This, therefore, demands someone to be creative and from this, people are able to employ themselves. Some companies have come up which m manufacture materials for these companies and they end up earning a lot. Others have emerged with an opportunity of making attires for fans and other materials, which are of major benefits to them. These are very expensive and they end up getting a good earn from them.

In the other part, sports makes a country to grow fast economically. This is because sports brings people together where it makes them be united. Through this peace has been achieved and the therefore country has been in a good mood. People are able to work together peacefully and in harmony to attain the common goal. Meanwhile, this is the best economic tool in the country. Politicians are also able to capture many people together during sports where they discuss issues affecting them and solve them for the betterment of their country. This mostly happens after the match and all people at this time usually respect their leaders.

Sports bring people in the same nation together. When a certain group of players wins, they come back to their countries very happy. The celebrations are nationally organized where people from different races in the country meet for celebration. They also give a good example to other countries with races, which cannot come together and set a good procedure on how to be united through sports. When people visit, other countries for sports also bring a very strong link between the countries involved. They are therefore able to trade with each other and participate in other activities of a major benefit the country.

Many people have established their teams for different games. This makes them employ players from different areas and   therefore solve the problem of unemployment. The owners of the teams are able to earn their living and therefore pay taxes to the government which helps in the building of the nation by the construction of the social amenities such as schools, health centers, and roads.

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