Types of the Sic Bo Bets that you can play

Types of the Sic Bo Bets that you can play

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As in any type of a game, Types of the Sic Bo Bets that you can play Sic Bo has bets variations as well with different odds and different payouts. Although the payouts of the casinos are different, this article tries to combine the average of all the odds from most of the famous casinos to give you an outstanding figure that you can rely on. To be sure of odds in every casino that you play, ensure to check on the various types of odds that they have in the house before you start playing. Let us see what is in store for us to ensure that we understand the bets variation.

Types of the Sic Bo Bets that you can play

Types of the Sic Bo Bets that you can play
Types of the Sic Bo Bets that you can play

Big or small bets

For the big bet, it is placed on a three dice system in which its value is 11 to 17. The small bet is placed on three dice with a value being 4 to 10. This is known as a triple hand bet because it is played using a three dice system. In both of the hands, it will be considered a loss when the triple is rolled. The special and normal payout for this bet is 1 to 1 with the house edge varying from place to place.

Odd and Even bets.

Again, just like the small and big bets, this bet is placed on a total of three dices which could either be odd or even bet. The typical payout for this bet is 1 to 1. Even though it might sound exciting and prestigious, it is not available in all the tables for unknown reasons. The totals on the other hand are other types of bets that which goes up to 14 in value. The payouts range from 50 to 1 all the way to 6 to 1.

Total : 4 gives 50 to 1 Total : 11 gives 6 to 1
Total : 5 gives 18 to 1 Total : 12 gives 6 to 1
Total : 6 gives 14 to 1 Total : 13 gives 8 to 1
Total : 7 gives 12 to 1 Total : 14 gives 12 to 1
Total : 8 gives 8 to 1 Total : 15 gives 14 to 1
Total : 9 gives 6 to 1 Total : 16 gives 18 to 1
Total : 10 Pays gives 6 to 1 Total : 17 gives 50 to 1

Triple Bets

Sometimes the dices can result into a three number outcome from which people should wager or guess on. This kind of bets could be 222, 333, 444 or 666. It is one of the risky kind of betting because for the three dices that are shaken, it is always difficult to have the same number occurring at the same time. This is why it is one of the bets that people have not and they will not make it a priority. The returns are good though because for a win here, the payout is 150 to 1 which means that you can take home something lucrative. It resembles the double bet in which all bets are placed on the fact that two dices will have the same number showing. Although the payout is not big compared to the triple bet, it is a bet that is worth your time.

Although there are other variations, the above listed ones are the common ones that are played in the online casinos. Experts reveal that you have to consider the simple ones first before you go to the complicated ones first. Every bet is going to be nice if you ensure that you have the best information on the kind bet you want to play.

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